What do the Art lessons look like?

Date 14.10.2022 What do the Art lessons look like?

While launching the Online school project, we desired it to be a protégé of Vilni school with the same values and lessons. Art lessons are our top priorities on the school curriculum. So, we wanted to save the same format online.

Despite the popular stereotype that art can't exist online, current reality proves that art is very adaptable to circumstances.

Thanks to online technologies, you can create ingenious things: write entire artistic canvases in graphic apps, create musical compositions of different genres together or individually, perform in plays.

Even if a child does not connect his or her life with a creative job, art lessons will definitely be useful for them in their opportunities! For instance, to find something original in the ordinary things, distinguish between bad taste and a masterpiece, be more sociable or be able to find a balance within your inner self when chaos is smashing you off the track.

What do art lessons look like at our Online school?

We have creative classes in three areas: theater, music and design. The lessons are aimed at developing the child's potential at its most and making them not be afraid to experiment.

At the design lessons we learn to distinguish eras, artists and styles. We acquire a contextual art education and immediately apply the knowledge in practice. During the lessons we use various tools, improvised materials, or can combine all kinds of techniques. The teacher always monitors the studying process. helps students or suggests inspiring ideas.

During the music lessons, we utilize a cool program "Chrome Music Lab" — that's a kind of music laboratory. Here you can create your own compositions, learn rhythms, chords, harmonies and sound waves, and also look into the connection between music and other forms of art or even science! We also teach Body and Clapping Percussion – rhythmic technique – with the help of training videos.

Theatre lessons are so enthusiastic! We learn the art of stage language; the art of theatrical transformation; to understand and manage different emotions within yourself; create an atmosphere according to the circumstances. It seems difficult to do acting online, however, our teachers are extremely inventive to come up with various ideas, so that children can greatly advance their own skills even through the screen.

Finally, at the end of each term children participate in an online play. This is what we are most proud of! The students thoroughly prepare for the performance. They create the costumes which they use to turn into the preset characters. They also come up with decorations to create an appropriate atmosphere around their heroes. Each show is a unique treasure which a kid has been working for several months on.

Art lessons are the hallmark of our school. Along with other objects they help the child

develop as a personality and get to know yourself. Art works with the student's imaginations, ideas and values about the world. It allows the child from the early childhood to be open to new ideas, think visually without any restrictions or frames.