How does an electronic register “Edus” help in learning?

Date 07.11.2022 How does an electronic register “Edus” help in learning?

Online learning is a unique product that demands unique decisions. All processes should be adapted to the virtual format so that it is easy, convenient, and effortless. Digital office “Edus” helps us to accomplish these goals. Edus is a multifunctional platform for the school leaders, teachers, parents and students. Edus enables the organization of the educational process at all levels and makes it very transparent. By means of this platform, it’s possible to create lessons and educational plans. It facilitates and simplifies the communication between teachers and parents, and reflects the financial state of every student.

“From the very beginning Edus was created specifically for the School of Free and Caring. This idea appeared before the coronavirus pandemic and the massive need for online learning. We gathered the team and decided to create the platform that will meet all school needs and will be user friendly and will comply with the New Ukrainian School (NUS) standards,” comments the developer of the online platform, Yuriy Prokofiev.

What are the main program possibilities?

Firstly, it’s an electronic regiter where the teachers grade students’ work, add comments about students’ progress and behavior with their classmates, homework and auxiliary materials for execution. At the same time, the students can upload the performed tasks in their cabinets and gain the complete information about every subject.

“Foremost, it’s convenient to communicate with parents in Edus. A teacher can comment on any grade, give advice or provide feedback on a student's behavior during the lesson, even attach a student’s work. Parents can also respond to the teacher's comments. As a result, a transparent dialogue takes place,” says the head of the methodical center and primary school teacher, Nataliia Mytsko.

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The diary serves as an indispensable assistant for parents, as it helps to control the learning process and simplifies the communication with a teacher.

“I have a possibility to take a look at the subjects my child is studying and see her hometasks. Knowing the theme, I’m able to ask her some questions and find out whether she is immersed in the context. So, as a mother, I can control the process. Besides, it’s very convenient that all necessary textbooks have been uploaded to Edus. My child can open them herself, do the homework, then make a photo of the performed task and send it for review in Edus,” says mother Olena.

The second important aspect is the ability for parents to see their financial state. This function helps parents to control their expenses. School accountants systematically keep track of the financial affairs of every student, note the corresponding accruals or debts. Later parents log into the personal cabinet and can see the final sum that should be paid. All the necessary school fee details are available in the same payment department.

One more cool feature is the possibility for teachers and school leaders to create the calendar-thematic plan and keep it in the system. What is it for? In order to automate the process and not to add the same information every year.

Moreover, it's possible to review the school constitution and the main rules, contacts of all teachers and school administration, up-to-date menu, schedule, etc.

Edus has many counterparts in the market. However, there are certain features that qualitatively distinguish this platform from the rest.

“When we completed the implementation of Edus, its innovativeness involved the possibility to create the calendar-thematic plan and save it for constant use by other teachers during the upcoming years. By means of Edus, it’s possible to print the register or get all the necessary materials for studying. At that time, the rest of the electronic registers did not have access to such functions," comments the developer Yuriy Prokofiev and adds:

"Currently, we have added the possibility in Edus to see your complete financial status, debts, overpayments, etc. Until now, this feature is unique and is not found in any electronic diary. Educators also have the opportunity to make a flexible schedule, that is, in Edus, you can change the schedule of each class separately. In other systems, the schedule is constant for all classes."

Nowadays, it is very difficult to imagine an online school without Edus. This electronic assistant really plays one of the key roles in the organization of learning process. It has an intuitive light interface that is easy to master, reliable system of credentials, adapted mobile version. With EDUS, studying and teaching at home is easy and effective, and we are convinced of this from our own experience.