How was the 2022 summer camp?

Date 20.06.2022 How was the 2022 summer camp?

After a fruitful school year, our #caring kids met live at the summer camp) These were wonderful three days of unforgettable impressions, positive emotions, laughter and joy, continuous conversations and sincere


Why was the camp memorable? What adventures awaited the children within the walls of the school? So let's tell now.

The first day was very busy! Since the camp is collective for all classes, at first we had a good time to get to know each other, talked about our hobbies and interests, and shared our impressions of studying and memorable moments. Next, to recharge our bodies we had a dynamic workout and also drank tea with mr. Oles Pohranychnyi

And then we immediately moved to art) Together with the teacher of design Natalka Salo, we created different figures from polymer clay and with the music teacher Tetiana Nikiforova we played the boomwakers and learned the technique "Body percussion"

So we got inspired by art and then moved to the quest! There was laughter, clapping and running through the school corridors!

We solved various riddles, mathematical problems, looked for hidden clues and learned along the way something new and interesting)

Finally, there was a trip to the pool. The children were delighted! Water amusement in the summer is the best fun!


There we had a super master class of rock climbing! We learned to conquer rocks safely like real adventurers! And, of course, there is no trip without singing songs in the circle of friends and strange stories by the fire. We enjoyed all that and much more.

Sausages and marshmallows were roasted on the fire! That was scrumptious!

Well, and the last day) We visited the Potocki Palace, where we admired the masterpieces of the Lviv National art gallery named after Borys Voznytskyi. There we also had a cool master class on design with Natalka Salo. It was very cool! Well, of course, the camp program ended with a bonfire! #caring kids were roasting sausages and baking potatoes, singing songs, having fun and laughing loudly! Three days of incredible adventures passed as if in one moment) We are happy to see our children happy and pleased! Now it's time for summer holidays and see you soon in the new academic year!